situate | forest place, perth 2009

in collaboration with Maria Blaise

when the rigidity of the joint tends towards zero the potential of form tends towards the infinite the structure is born of an investigation of the joint and the flexibility of material.  perth . . . . . . a place of sky water and wind

forrest place is carved from the solid of the city.  its materials are rigid and static. the new sculpture is defined by nature.  its filigree structure is composed of indigenous karri timber and whispers and dances in the wind.  the form has emerged from the body and a series of grounded studies has resulted in the elevation of the sculptural mesh for this civic space.  the flexing structure responds to the breeze and is delicately suspended alongside the majesty of the post office, like a cloud drifting through the space.  the presence of this cloud makes forrest place measurable within the expanse of the city and the sky.  its transparency and size have ephemeral qualities that will redefine the relationship between people and this space.  in the dark hours, this golden moving mesh will be illuminated from lighting embodied in the stage structure, casting its dancing shadow on the post office and the ground below.