raise the roof | think brick invited competition 2013

in collaboration with ken yeung + thomas hobbs + janie green

fulfilling the great australian dream comes at a price that this city can no longer afford.  the 'sprawl' that spans north-south brings traffic congestion and queuing on the freeways that have become a necessity of daily life for many who live on the fringes and work bear the city.  the current public transport networks can not service the distances and the lack of inner city density means that most people rely on the car as the primary mode of transport.  the conservative measures that momentarily solve a problem or move it slightly further afield...  an extra lane here, a roundabout there... contribute little to finding a real solution.  these phenomena are not new in the modern world, there are many cities before us that have followed a similar trajectory.  there are visions for the future of the city's growth and although the density near the city is increasing, on the perimeter it continues as always, more homes on single lots with lawns and labyrinths of bitumen.