hilton U | Department of Housing competition 2017

in collaboration with pip munckton and rosemary halsmith

THE HILTON U The project concept takes flight from the re-interpretation of the Hilton plan. The unique ‘U’ form of this garden city suburb and its radial organisation is re-proposed on each of the sites and oriented to the north.  The ‘U’ becomes a device within the planning of both the dwellings and landscape, as well as a mediator of public and private realms. Internally it becomes a solid element that acts as thermal regulator, spatial organiser and material component signifying entry/exit.  Externally the ‘U’ is a notional device that negotiates and helps to resolve the specific considerations of each of the seven sites.  It divides traversable hard scape and soft scape through manipulating the ground levels to safe guard existing mature trees and to allocate private and communal outdoor space


2017 | Hilton Design Competition Commendation