constructed scenes by michelle kar

perth, 2016-2018

Since 2016, we have invited graduate architect and artist michelle kar to develop constructed scenes for each of our completed projects. what started as an experiment, these constructed scenes have become part of our reflective practice, as a way of piecing together the process from idea to built form.

michelle describes the collaborative process… “cutting and sewing various components from along the way… scans of early design sketches and low-res initial site visit photos, mixed with crisp images of the final built product (and various other quirks from along the project’s way), create an image of its own to represent the journey.”

She says “each constructed scene has its own uniqueness, a direct reflection of the project, and each item in the scene has an importance. a collaboration between the architect, artist, and indirectly, the client, constructed scenes aim to quietly tell a story and symbolise the voyage that brought it to life.”